20 thoughts on “Zoom avancé – Module Prestashop”

  1. advancedplugins_com

    Hello, yes, product variants are not supported yet, we are addressing the issue in a future release but do not have an estimated time at the momet.

  2. advancedplugins_com

    Hello, The module works with products with different combinations, but if the product has different images associated the each combinations, it will not filter the images if you selected a certain combination.

  3. I have purchased your products, my question is… How can i remove or hide the download icon and also the share button icon?

  4. advancedplugins_com

    You must edit the CSS, just add the following rules to you theme CSS .mobx-download, .mobx-share { display:none !important; }

  5. Hello, how can i change the movement parameter from the photos. I want it instant change photo by photo without movement effect. (I mean like change photo delay 1 second or second 0.5)

  6. advancedplugins_com

    Hello, you cannot do it from the options, you can search for the modulobox documentation online and can edit it directly in the js.

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