Top 10 Wordpress Slider Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Slider Plugins + 3 Bonus

In this article we’ve selected the best WordPress slider plugins. These plugins include everything from responsive image galleries with video support to lightbox options and more. Let’s get started!

1. Tabs Slider

Tabs sliders are a creative way of displaying content on your site since most people don’t have a lot of tabs in their sidebar or even visible on their site for that matter. If you want a different way to display things or just have a creative itch then Tabs slider plugin is the one for you. This plugin creates sliders using an HTML list within your post editor so it’s very easy to modify and create new sliders whenever they needed. It even makes it easy to copy and paste between sliders so you can create a set of tabs for multiple posts.

2. jQuery Cycle

jQuery Cycle plugin is also an image slideshow plugin with video support, but it’s entirely different than Tabs Slider plugin above. You see; this plugin doesn’t use HTML lists or anything like that since its purpose is to be used in conjunction with your post editor and provide the most seamless experience possible by putting everything in place automatically for you. The end result is that if you want a really simple way to display gallery images and videos then this plugin will do it without any coding required at all. Once installed simply add galleries with titles and links [or not] and hit publish! [Works great when combined with the WP plugin!]

3. Ninja Slider

Ninja slider is another great responsive image gallery plugin that supports video embeds as well with lightbox options and more. Everything you need to create a stunning gallery is included like transition effects, automatic thumbnail creation, cross-browser compatibility and much more. This plugin even has plug-and-play functionality which means it works right out of the box so there’s no configuration required at all! You can also fine tune your images for maximum SEO impact with built in support for metadata options like description, title and caption.

4. Red Carpet – Responsive Image Gallery, Video and Content Slider Plugin for WordPress

Red Carpet is not only an easy to use image gallery plugin, but it’s also a content slider and video support. With Red Carpet you can create beautiful image galleries with thumbnail navigation, pagination and full screen views for images or videos. It even includes smart speed controls to automatically fade the slider to save time while browsing through large slideshows. Each slide has several different viewing modes like full screen, overlay, minimal & more which makes it easy to get creative when displaying your content on your site.

5. LayerSlider WP

LayerSlider WP is an extremely powerful responsive WordPress slider plugin that offers animated layers, dozens of transition effects to pick from including parallax scrolling support, touch swipe navigation and much more! This plugin is a have for any designer looking to add a slider to their site since it works great for portfolios, galleries or any other type of content you can think of. It’s also fully customizable with tons of options you can tweak the presentation and even the animation speed without changing a line of code!

6. FlexSlider

FlexSlider is another powerful jQuery slider that comes from WooThemes team which means quality! This plugin has been downloaded by over a million people at this point and supports all major browsers including IE8+ which is always nice to see. Everything from changing the color scheme to tweaking padding and border radius is supported right out of the box so there’s no need to make changes in code which makes it extremely easy to use! There are 100+ transition effects as well as tons of options for creating custom slides and more which you can read about on the developer’s site.

7. Plupload – file uploader plugin

I know you’re probably thinking this is a strange one to include in the list; however, one of these files is an image slider not just ordinary files! This plugin adds media uploading capabilities to your site so it’s easy to include images, audio & video with lightbox or slideshow functionality. You can even configure multiple sliders for different parts of your website so visitors have easy access to all types of content which makes them feel more involved. With Plupload just pick your files and hit “upload” then view the results directly on your front end!

8. Original Slider Pro

This plugin is not for the beginner or amateur web designer. If you’re looking for an extremely powerful responsive slider that’s easily customized then look no further! Original Slider Pro was built with both designers and developers in mind since it can be tweaked to beyond recognition with your own CSS styles, HTML templates etc. It even supports shortcodes so you don’t have to touch the core of the plugin which keeps it nice and modular. This way you can extend its functionality with ease while making it lightning fast!

9. Megamaid Crafty Slicing

Megamaid Crafty Slicing is strange because I’m pretty sure it’s only designed for WooCommerce users but still worth mentioning here since there are tons of ways to output a slider in a WordPress website. This plugin is for integrating Megamaid Crafty Slider with your WooCommerce store so you can showcase products from either categories, tags or search queries directly on your site! You have full control over everything from transition effects to how many results appear on each page and even the image size to keep loading times nice and fast.

10 . LayerSlider Lite – Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider Lite is an extremely powerful yet easy to use responsive sliders that just works right out of the box. Just pick your images then add captions, enter custom text etc and you’re good to go! LayerSlider comes loaded with tons of useful features like autoplay support, built-in sharing options, responsive layouts etc so it’s always being improved. If you have an older version of LayerSlider Lite installed be sure to check for updates because this plugin is constantly being updated by the developer.

Bonus Content # 1 – Dynamic Range Slider

Dynamic Range Slider is a jQuery slider that allows you to take full control over how many sliders are visible on your page at once which makes them ideal for creating portfolios, galleries or just about any type of content you can think of. This plugin supports touch swipe events and even includes 8 transition effects made from CSS3 animations which means advanced animation support with no Flash! You also get hundreds of options like custom text captions, autoplay support and more! It’s an extremely flexible solution for any site.

Bonus Content # 2 – WP Maze Slider

WP Maze sliders are super customizable so you can tweak the appearance of everything from buttons to captions etc. This slider plugin includes 100+ custom transition effects which you can read about on the developer’s website along with tons of information on how to get started. It even comes preloaded with a special gallery mode that allows visitors to view each slides navigation menu by clicking an arrow icon making it perfect for creating themes, portfolios or just storing images!

Bonus Content # 3 – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider Plugin For WordPress

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider takes responsive design to a whole new level by using CSS3 animations instead of Flash! With this plugin your content automatically adjusts to any screen resolution allowing you to create ultra sleek responsive sliders. You can configure the animation to display your images in a popup or use fade-in transitions effects, configure slider captions and so much more! This plugin even creates all the required markup to make your sliders compatible with older IEs which is another plus since most sliders are built for Chrome / Safari etc.

That’s It Folks!

I hope you found this article useful and if you have any questions be sure to post a comment below. Cheers! 🙂

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