20 thoughts on “Téléchargements numériques faciles – Connexion sociale”

  1. Absolutely what we’re looking for, any chance of getting Twitch added to the list of providers? Thank you!

  2. Hello

    Unfortunately, at the moment our current version of the plugin doesn’t provide with this functionality. We would like you to submit your suggestion here.

    URL: http://ideas.wpweb.co.in/

    We are considering all the Ideas for future improvements & We shall keep progressing to implement them based on our availability, votes & technical feasibility of the suggested features. WPWeb will decide based on these facts that what will be implemented & when. We appreciate your valuable suggestions & would love to see it suggested on our forum.

    In any case, If you have an urgency to implement the feature RIGHT NOW, then we would like you to visit our contact form to request for a custom quote. You can fill up the form here & ask for quotation to implement your feature.


    We are looking forward to provide our best support & quality solution for your need.

    Thank you.

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  3. Hi,

    i have purchased EDD Social Login plugin on EDD site more than a year ago. A month ago i renewed the license on EDD site. Now i see the that the plugin has been moved to Code Canyon. And now it is not possible to update it anymore. I tried getting the newest zip file downloaded form EDD site, and the newest version is not available there. I See version 1.01 there, but it is above version 2 now. I also tried to update from backend and when i click on update button it seems to be updating but does not really update and shows the old plugin version number and informs that the plugin may be updated again. This is confusing and i have paid for this plugin and would like to receive the updates. I have read several articles in the knowledge base WPweb site. It did not give any additional solutions. Even the WPweb updater plugin did not help, as it requires Codecanyon purchase code, but i haven’t purchased it on Codecanyon. Please advice me on how to solve this situation as soon as possible.


  4. ” A month ago i renewed the license on EDD site.”

    Ans: thats impossible, EDD have stopped selling plugin from their site since last 6 months so how you can renew license over there ?

  5. wpweb, please do not write “it is impossible”, if you are not sure about what you are writing. I have received now an answer from the support of EDD. They will refund my renewal which i paid for in May. Keep this case in mind, for any similar issues that you may have during the product ownership transition process.

  6. hello receiving this error after activating plugin “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function edd_get_option() in website.com/wp-content/plugins/edd-social-login/edd-social-login.php on line 655

  7. plugin installed properly. i tried twice once from ftp and second from wp admin. i download from envato elements.

  8. Hi! Super nice plugin!!!
    But I run into small issue.
    All works perfect, beside of facebook. Checked all settings several times:
    App id – correct,
    Secret – correct,
    Redirect – correct,
    Facebook account – business verified.
    Still, no action on the click.

    You can see it on the login form here:

    Please advice

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