Shortcodes de grille réactifs pour WordPress

Shortcodes de grille réactifs pour WordPress

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Shortcodes de grille réactifs pour WordPress

La version 1.2 est disponible maintenant !

Nouvelles fonctionnalités de la version 1.2:

  • Ajout de boutons sur la barre de l'éditeur dans wordpress pour un ajout rapide des shortcodes de la grille (plus besoin de mémoriser les shortcodes !
  • Vous obtenez également les fichiers .ai que j'ai utilisés pour les icônes des boutons lorsque vous achetez ce plugin !
  • Corrections et améliorations fonctionnelles

Ce plugin fournit un shortcode pour vous permettre d'implémenter une disposition de système de grille sans coder la grille dans WordPress. Le plugin ajoute le balisage et le CSS nécessaires pour rendre la grille réactive dans n'importe quelle page ou publier sur votre site.

Ce plugin a été conçu pour être le plugin le plus simple disponible pour implémenter une grille dans une page ou un article.

Pour l'utiliser, tapez [one_half]'ce que vous voulez dans cette section de grille'[/one_half], pour le dernier élément de grille de cette ligne, vous devez utiliser [one_half last=”oui”].

Shortcodes de grille disponibles:

  • pleine largeur
  • une moitié
  • un tiers
  • les deux tiers
  • un quart
  • trois quarts

Nouvelles fonctionnalités ajoutées:

  • Ajout de la prise en charge d'un nouveau shortcode de grille: pleine largeur.

La documentation et un guide de démarrage rapide sont inclus dans le téléchargement!

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18 thoughts on “Shortcodes de grille réactifs pour WordPress”

  1. This plugin will work on any style of theme, responsive or non responsive. It was built with all users in mind, so it has flexibility built in!

  2. We are thinking it’s an issue with the CodeCanyon frame that is around the demo. Firefox isn’t showing the content correctly, if you close the frame on the top left it should show fine. We were able to get the correct result by doing that. Let me know if that doesn’t work, and if you could include your version number incase it’s a different version.

  3. You can see the live preview for the after pictures, I do have some before pictures and I am in the process of getting them ready to be added to the screenshot folder of this plugin.

  4. so is there a full width / one column short code?

    if i understand correct, i can use your plugin, then use a youtube embed iframe code inside of the short code and it should become responsive?

  5. There is not a full width short code, I’ll be adding that in the update coming very soon. As to the other question, so long as that iframe has a width of 100% and not a specific width and height in pixels it would be responsive and move around with the grid yes. Thanks for the interest in my plugin!

  6. with the next update, could you include an example with an embedded responsive youtube video? i’m interested in this plugin.

  7. Yeah I sure will, I’m also working on a plugin right now that makes a responsive video holder to use with YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites. That one won’t be ready for a little bit though.

  8. pleiadene – I have just submitted for review the update to this plugin which allows for the use of another shortcode (full-width). I have also added a demo page to the demo site that will show you a working 4 column grid with responsive YouTube videos in each of the grid. To get that to work just place the iframe from YouTube between the opening and closing shortcodes and (this is important) remove the width and the height in the style of the iframe. Hopefully this update will be out soon!

    – Matt

  9. lalaine – I have just submitted for review the update to this plugin which for one adds 3 screenshots. Two preview screen shots of what it can do, and the other is a backend screenshot like you requested. I also added support for another shortcode called full_width which makes it possible for a full width column of the grid. Hopefully this update will be out soon!

    – Matt

  10. The update for this plugin has been published and is ready for download. It supports the addition if a full width grid shortcode. I have also added screenshots for additional viewing.

  11. Version 1.2 of this plugin was just submitted for approval. This version will add buttons on the wordpress editor in the tinyMCE bar to add the shortcodes automatically! No need to remember the shortcodes, just hit the button in the bar!

    – Matt

  12. As of right now the number of columns is not able to be changed, and support for 5 columns is not in this version. I will add it in the next release version though. Thank you for the input!

  13. stuckathomemom

    Can I do 3 columns where one of the columns have 2 rows. I need to put a clickable image in each, is that possible?
    The live preview isn’t working, so I’m not sure.


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