20 thoughts on “Shopy WooCommerce multi-boutique”

  1. Please provide real demo uploaded on store. And if you have vendor & delivery apps also its better… i waiting that

  2. Hi yes there is a demo apk please send me email via our profile. Also we uploaded our app to Play Store and it is currently in review. Will be on pretty soon. If you want to apk please send us an email. Hope you have a great day!

  3. hello i m quite confuse with the license…so for me as a seller to publish my store using this app…..and also my customer to download and use this app…which one?regular or extended?

  4. Regular license is when you want to use this app for your store/stores and upload this app in Google Play Store and App Store. Then your customers can use this app as much as they want.

    Extended license is when you are selling some products and you want to include this app inside the package that you give to customers. For example if you buy a Theme for wordpress some of the themes comes with some already paid plugins its because they have extended license of this plugin

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  6. is it a web or mobile app?
    Is there any license after download
    Please explain in detail how does it works

  7. Hi, its a mobile app, there is a license after download and you can upload the app in play store and app store without any problem. Its made with Flutter 2 which also allows to deploy to a web page as well.

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