Recherche de saisie semi-automatique et suggestion

Recherche de saisie semi-automatique et suggestion

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L'extension Search Autocomplete Magento améliore les résultats de la recherche Magento. Cette extension trouve exactement ce que recherchent vos clients. Elle fournit des résultats de recherche pertinents à vos clients instantanément au fur et à mesure qu'ils tapent. Elle vous permet également de personnaliser la conception des résultats de recherche par des images de produits et une description.



  • Basé sur AJAX, il ne charge donc pas votre base de données complète de produits, mais uniquement ceux qui ont été mis en correspondance.
  • Affiche des résultats de pertinence instantanés et rapides.
  • Afficher les images, la description courte et les éléments limités affichés dans la liste déroulante.
  • Recherchez la saisie semi-automatique et proposez des suggestions incroyablement utiles et conviviales pour vos clients.


  • Première version
  • Mettre à jour
    • Corrections de bugs
    • Mise à jour du code pour résoudre l'erreur «302 déplacé temporairement» sur certains serveurs.

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20 thoughts on “Recherche de saisie semi-automatique et suggestion”

  1. Hi Im looking to buy this and integrate this to my magrnto store, but I have a question.

    Does it work with “2 word” search auto complete ?

    For example, lets say, I have a product,


    And lets say, someone does a search, SAMSUNG MONITOR

    Will the results show in ajax suggest ?

    Please let me know asap!

  2. Doesnt work sir!

    See one of our product in demo store,
    Nine West Women’s Lucero Pump

    Now if I try to search,

    Nine Pump

    It doesnt list it on auto suggest 🙁

  3. I will forward your query to my development team.
    Also we will make compatible as per your requirement and inform you soon.


  4. Hi again,
    Our extension does not support the functionality that you are looking for. We will consider your suggestion in the next release. For any further questions please contact us on [email protected]

  5. Okay thanks. About the current extension, does it automatically get integrated with the existing search bar?

  6. Yes. It does integrate with existing search bar. Although our extension is built to work with default Magento, it works well in other thems too. In case, you find it to be not behaving properly, you can always contact us at [email protected] with you queries. And our support team would love to answer them. Thanks.

  7. Hi Qubesys,
    We have updated extension that would be complete your requirement.
    Also you can find more relevant results of your search.
    Kindly try our demo.

  8. Hello, you extension is very interesting for us. For our theme we have the short description deactivated. Is also possible to search on attribute? e.g. color, or skin type or are there any plans to integrate this function? In this case we would buy this extension. We are still using magento and buyshoptheme in version 2.3.1 but planing to upgradte to magento amd buyshop 3.x.
    Thanks for response

  9. Hi fostikat,
    Thanks for your interest. Currently our extension only search based on the Name of the product. We will consider you suggestion and put it in the bucket list for the next release.
    Thanks! 🙂

  10. Hi again,
    Just had a chat with our technical team and they say that the extension also checks for the short description. If you wish to search within the main Description, then they will customize it for you. Please contact at [email protected] with your concerns and we will get back to you asap.

  11. Works perfectly after a small issue on magento , great extension et good support.
    If you can add in future version a link to all products , it will be better.

  12. Hello,

    I have a pre-sale question.
    Will this extension search also custom attributes? The brand is a custom attribute and is important to appear at suggestion results.
    Thank you

  13. At present it does not include any feature as such. But, ig you wish we can provide you with customized extension as per your requirement.

    Magedrive Team.

  14. Hello. This plugin has been installed on our site but it is causing overlapping in the search results. Please rectify this for us as soon as possible. Also “search” text is now appearing on my search button also.

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