Passerelle de paiement SecurePay pour WooCommerce

Passerelle de paiement SecurePay pour WooCommerce

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La passerelle de paiement SecurePay pour WooCommerce est un plugin WordPress qui permet aux propriétaires de la boutique WooCommerce d'accepter les cartes de crédit via la passerelle de paiement securepay. La configuration peut prendre aussi peu que 5 minutes et est de loin le moyen le plus rapide d'intégrer la passerelle de paiement securepay.

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20 thoughts on “Passerelle de paiement SecurePay pour WooCommerce”

  1. I installed the plugin and configured it correctly I think but the payment option does not show up in Checkout, but PayPal still does?! any ideas? –

  2. Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

  3. Just a prepurchaser – once the plugin is installed, what would be the next thing we would need to do? Also, where would it show the payment being processed? On the same page as the screenshot you’ve provided or it goes somewhere else to show the processing?

    I spoke to SecurePay and they were ‘hopelessly’ supportive.


  4. Hello there,
    If you have the woocommerce installed and this payment gateway installed and set properly, it will work like showed exactly in the screenshot. Please email us if you need any more informaiton.

  5. Hey thanks for the prompt teply. Yes I have seen the screenshot and too believe that’s what its going to look like. I just needed to find out where would the processing will be shown taking place. That’s all. 🙂

  6. Hey mate.
    Just wondering how does it assimilate with themes native styling? 🙂 It might be a difficult one for you to answer. The reason I am asking because we’ve used some plugins and their styling was more like a FJ Holden 😉


  7. This plugin integrates the Securepay payment gateway for your woocommerce, so it does not have much front end to have design. It get the data from your existing checkout page by woocommorece at your site.

  8. What’s the correct Merchant Id format? We have an active account and keep getting: Sorry, the transaction was declined. Error: 504 : Invalid merchant ID

  9. Hi, I was wondering if this plugin supports Preauthorisation.

    We are wanting to use this feature (within SecurePay) so that after the customer enters their credit card details on the website, we can check if we have products in stock before taking payment. If we have enough stock, we will process the payment within SecurePay.

    Is this SecurePay service supported by the plugin?

  10. Hi There, this plugin provides the payment processing through securepay at woocommerce Checkout but Preauthorisation.feature is not supported at woocommerce I think. And stocked is checked while adding item to the Cart for woocommerce and this plugin does not have to do anything with stock management.

  11. sorry, this plugin is just to process the payment through woocommerce checkout and securepay payment gateway, it does not have any internal process to handle whether the payment is one time or recurring.

  12. can u pls share some pictures of front end look of this plugin where customer enter credit card information. Current picture shows fields first name and last name which is not necessary for the payment fields.

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