Notification de boîte contextuelle pour prestashop

Notification de boîte contextuelle pour prestashop

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La description

Ce module crée un écran de démarrage sur votre site avec vos actualités. Avertit les clients de vos clients dès l'entrée de votre site.

Box popup vous permettant d'augmenter vos ventes ! Avertissez les visiteurs d'une actualité très importante au début de leur visite.

Nouvelles contextuelles

Le module Marketing Popup vous permet de garder les visiteurs informés de toute opération commerciale. Ils bénéficieront de promotions, soldes, ventes flash ou tout autre événement que vous aurez mis en avant.

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  • Titre et texte News Popup.
  • Temps pendant lequel le visiteur ne verra jamais le popup.
  • Afficher ou non une popup sur chaque page.
  • La vitesse d'animation.
  • Popup de corps (texte, lien, img, vidéo).
  • L'option background accepte les valeurs de propriété CSS background (abréviation).
  • La fenêtre contextuelle de bordure de couleur.
  • Option vidéo Viméo.
  • Balisage HTML5 : nettoyé de tout volume et imprégné de puissance sémantique.
  • CSS3 à gogo : les styles progressivement améliorés récompensent les navigateurs modernes tout en restant légers.
  • Entièrement réactif à 100%.
  • Compatible avec Prestashop 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7
  • Compatibilité (IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).
  • Compatible mobile.
  • Documentation du guide de l'utilisateur.
  • Assistance technique 24h/24 et 7j/7.

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Démo en direct du module


Ce plugin est pris en charge. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de contacter le développeur via l' e-mail Webtet ou la page de profil Webtet .

Journal des modifications

05/02/2018 – v.1.0.3

– Ajout de la compatibilité avec la version PrestaShop 1.7.

– Ajout d'une nouvelle documentation.

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20 thoughts on “Notification de boîte contextuelle pour prestashop”

  1. Hello, seems to be a great popup. is it possible to user newsletter subscription in the popup ? and is the popup suitable or adaptive on the mobile version ? thanks

  2. Hello,
    Thank you Solutello .
    The popup suitable and adaptive on the mobile version 🙂
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to user newsletter subscription in the popup.

  3. Hi there. I bought yhis module. Great work 🙂 Is there a way I can show X in the upper right corner? its intuitively there people look for the close btn. Thanks

  4. And here it doesnt show any product description – Im sure i have the right id_lang=2 and I tried with 1 and empty

  5. michaelhjulskov

    Good to read that you will improve it. Let me know when new release coming out

    Add control / suggestions:
    delay video x sec. – dont bother customers right away, but wait x sec
    choice: show only once or repeat untill close forever is clicked
    X in right upper corner – and close forever also up there
    close popup on click on the background or other intuitive ways
    distance from text to vimeo is to high/much space – change css
    add possibility to hide on mobile/small screens. filter by min screen height and/or min screen width
    vimeo width and/or height.
    after vimeo is ended trigger event – close popup automatically, start vimeo again, show next vimeo video, etc
    first show on page view no
    only show on these urls
    add filter is customer or is not customer regitered
    add more than one popup. maybe i want one to show on first visit, and another one to show first time added to cart. third one on first look at order status page
    not only cookies to remember, also write to DB if user is logged in. to make sure its only showed the one time, if thats important for me
    show how can i trigger my popup to show again – jquery trigger – a few simple link examples? maybe i want a button to show again
    possibility to autostart vimeo video after x sec

    Here are some advise i found, about popups. hope you can use it:
    • Use a lightbox pop-up.
    • Make it easy to close the pop-up with a clearly visible cross or by simply clicking outside the pop-up window.
    • Use a tracking cookie so that the pop-up isn’t displayed every time a user visits your website.
    • Set the pop-up to appear after one minute or two page views. Setting parameters such as these lets the visitor gain a better understanding of your website before being asked to perform an action.
    • Pop-up content and copy should focus on user benefits. Pay attention to the title to encourage users to act. For instance, you could mention the number of people already subscribed to the newsletter, or offer a discount for signing up.
    • Try out different designs and elements to find the best format for you.

    try to comply with some of the suggestions in this article:

    Thanks, I hope you build this, its gonna be awesome 😉

  6. michaelhjulskov

    How is it going? Hope Youre getting along… im sure you can sell alot more of this module, if you just make the right improvements 🙂

  7. MarineEclipse75

    Hi, I have uplaoded the module in my store but it doesn’t appear in my modules list so I can not manage to configure it. Is there something special to do ? Many thanks

  8. MarineEclipse75

    I have asked them but I didn’t get any answer. By the way I have solved the problem. Thank you.

  9. Hi there. Im having the same problem as the other user on this forum. I upload the module through modules but it doesnt appea on the list. I’ve uploaded other modules and they show up no problem. Im using version 1.6. Please help.

  10. Hello

    The module works great. Is there an option to display the news popup only on selected page (different than the home page)?


  11. Hi,

    after several mounths i have actived the module but the pop does not appear
    Pleasae, let me know.

    Thanks in advance, Adri

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