Modules complémentaires et ventes incitatives Woocommerce Checkout

Modules complémentaires et ventes incitatives Woocommerce Checkout

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Woocommerce Checkout Addons & Upsells est une extension Woocommerce qui permet d'afficher les ventes incitatives de produits sur la page de paiement ainsi que des champs de paiement supplémentaires.

Les ventes incitatives de produits sont affichées sur la page de paiement et les utilisateurs peuvent simplement ajouter le produit à leur commande en cochant simplement la case

Les champs Addon disponibles sont :

Case à cocher
Case à cocher multiple
Menu déroulant
Sélection multiple
Zone de texte
Téléchargeur de fichiers
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Les addons peuvent avoir des options et des prix

Un menu déroulant select ou un addon radio peut avoir les options et les prix comme :
Si le vert est sélectionné sur le front-end, le prix et le nom de l'étiquette sont ajoutés à la caisse
Woocommerce Checkout Addons & Upsells - 2

Ventes incitatives de produits sur la page de paiement

Extensions et ventes incitatives Woocommerce Checkout - 3

Plus de fonctionnalités

Les champs des modules complémentaires de paiement sont enregistrés sur la page de commande dans l'administrateur
Back-end d'administration facile à utiliser
Documentation complète
Entièrement localisé

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20 thoughts on “Modules complémentaires et ventes incitatives Woocommerce Checkout”

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for the great plugins, however i have found some bugs in it, here are the steps to remake the error:
    1. When i add checkout addons with dropdowns code, the price is listed on my cart.
    2. However when I reselect the options, i found out that the price is still listed on the cart, while adding more other options price.

    Please help.

  2. The Add-Ons Checkout Options is not refreshing on my summary price. I am using “Dropdown” type for the add-ons.
    For instance, I have a blue box for $10 and red box for $15.
    When I choose the blue box, it will add $10 to the sum.
    Then I change my mind to pick the Red box. (it suppose to be $15 only). but on my screen it show Blue box and Red box.
    So the first choice is not deleted on the sum cost.
    I hope this clear enough to describe the problem

  3. helllo there, it has been two days. I hope you found the solutions, because it is still not working as promised in here.
    In last resort, i think i will need a refund for this purchase.

    thank you

  4. Hello.
    Thank you for this plugin. I also can see this “Warning: array_map() [function.array-map]:……”.
    Besides this I have another problem: For example I am setting Product A as excluded Product in Add-ons. Product B is not excluded in Add-ons. If both products A and B are ordered by the customer, the Add-ons are excluded because Product A is in the shopping Cart. My requirement would be that the add-ons definitions for Product B should apply, because add-ons are not included for this one.
    Not sure if I described the problem precisely enough.
    Let me know your comments,

  5. Do you offer support? I bought the plugin in good faith and asked you for some support almost a week ago! 🙁 I have had no reply do you check your email?

  6. Hi thanks for your response, but your support system doesn’t work! It has a “required” drop down to select the department, but there is no option to select from, so no one can use the form.

    I have included my support request below (without screen shot)

    Hi I bought this plugin and I have installed it but I need some help with a few things please.

    1. How can I show the add on price at the checkout page? (nobody will just add an item without first knowing the price)

    2. Can the add on product id’s be bulk inserted to products instead of one by one?

  7. Hi, the support system works now. For your questions:
    1. You can add the price from the plugin settings page which is a tab in WooCommerce settings.
    2.For now, product id’s are added one by one.


  8. Can you explain (with some details) how this price is included? I have looked and I do not see an option to include the price. Thanks

  9. The “required” field is checked on my only Add-on item, however, it is not requiring the field to be selected at checkout. I have reduced the Add-ons to only one item since having multiple items broke the system and you never responded to resolving that issue. By any chance could we at least get this issue resolved?

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