Module Prestashop :: Menu déroulant vertical

Module Prestashop :: Menu déroulant vertical

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Module Prestashop :: Menu déroulant vertical

Le contenu du menu est généré à partir de la structure des catégories de prestashop – c'est un menu dynamique – aucun HTML ou texte personnalisé n'a besoin d'être saisi.

Compatible avec Prestashop 1.6+

Veuillez consulter la démo en direct

J'offre l'installation gratuite, si vous rencontrez des problèmes d'installation, pour prestashop 1.5+ et pour votre thème personnalisé, si une petite personnalisation nécessite, j'offrirai ce service gratuitement.

Le menu est lié à displayLeftColumn et “DisplayTopColumn”: dans l'affichage du menu de la page d'accueil sur le côté gauche du curseur d'accueil, dans l'affichage du menu des pages intérieures sur la colonne de gauche.

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20 thoughts on “Module Prestashop :: Menu déroulant vertical”

  1. Thanks for the excellent responses when I had some queries,
    the Vertical Flyout menu works as expected in Prestashop

    Highly recommended

    Keep up the good work and support!! 🙂 🙂

  2. u can disable in template file, by default “Menu is Hooked to displayLeftColumn and “DisplayTopColumn” as mentioned in description

  3. Thank you very much for your fast answer rajlaskar , you are one of the few serious and professional developpers out there.

  4. How do you make the flyout menu appears in front of the category concerned and not always at the top of the vertical menu ?

  5. you don’t want the submenu to open? if there are more than one level on menu , the flyout menu will automatically show, there is no option of ‘Disable’ of flyout , if you want to completely remove. then just disable the module or uninstall the module

  6. its not a problem, and sorry for all the request and thank you for your great assistance this far, i’m designing the site for my brother and he keeps changing his mind, thank you anyway.
    Great customer service !

    ps: i still havent found the place to write a good review for you ?

  7. Hi, three questions:

    1. Is this fully responsive or is it just hidden on mobile devices?
    2. Is it possible just to display in left column and not on home page?
    3. Is it possible to edit the design from the module interface?


  8. hello, i can chance the background color and the text coler? And is displayed all subcategorie automaticly?

  9. Please can you confirm if this module is responsive for prestashop 1.6.x and that the effect of vertical drop down menu is as the one showed at this page here: in categories at the left



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