MateStore – Panier angulaire

MateStore – Panier angulaire

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MateStore – Angular 8 Shop Simple design est un ecommerce à code simple, parfait pour tous ceux qui souhaitent ouvrir une petite boutique en ligne, pour des produits bio, meubles, électroniques, mixtes etc….

Ce thème est construit dans le framework Angular 8 et est entièrement réactif. Il s'adapte à la résolution de la fenêtre et a fière allure sur tous les appareils, y compris l'ipad et l'iphone. Bonne documentation et prêt pour un bon support.



  • Angulaire 8
  • Commander PayPal (Paiement)
  • Caisse Stripe (Paiement)
  • Entièrement réactif
  • Soutenir le navigateur moderne
  • 3 Tapez la page du produit
  • Processeur Scss
  • Documentation
  • Et beaucoup plus

Journal des modifications

=================================================================== 28 Jun 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Upload Angular Version from 8 to 9 General responsive bug fix ------------------------------------------------------------------- =================================================================== 25 July 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Option to switch from grid layout to list layout with flexLayout Library: @angular/flex-layout @angular/cdk ------------------------------------------------------------------- =================================================================== 17 July 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------- ADD - check product is in cart ADD - counter product is in the cart -------------------------------------------------------------------

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20 thoughts on “MateStore – Panier angulaire”

  1. few things to make it work well:

    1. add stripe payment gateway

    2. add ajax/jquery so that when item is added to cart, the add to cart button shows an effect that its already added to cart.

    3. add related products under a product in the product detail page.

    4. add zoom for product images

  2. Hi
    it s not any account or login and not backend you can manage the product or category from json

        "categories": ["Vases", "Shelves", "Chairs", "Lamp"],
        "products": [
                "category": "Vases",
                "filters": "All, Vases",
                "name": "Figure Gr",
                "price": 12.49,
                "quantity": 6,
                "imported": 0,
                "image": "./assets/images/products/forniture/1.jpg",
                "description": "There are many variations of ....." 
  3. Hi does the quantity update (count down after a successful purchase) also what is shown if a item is out of stock? i want to set up a little shop selling one-off items

  4. Hi Kevin,
    this shop read info about products from file json, so if you need the function need to add a database in backend serverSide who memorize the quantity and decreases !!

  5. I got the following errors after running the following npm command:
    1. npm install
    2. npm start

    Job name “..getProjectMetadata” does not exist.
    Error: Job name “..getProjectMetadata” does not exist.
    at Observable.rxjs_1.Observable [as _subscribe] (D:[email protected][email protected]scheduler.js:350:23)
    at Observable._trySubscribe (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalObservable.js:44:25)
    at Observable.subscribe (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalObservable.js:30:22)
    at D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalutilsubscribeTo.js:22:31
    at Object.subscribeToResult (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalutilsubscribeToResult.js:10:45)
    at SwitchMapSubscriber._innerSub (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternaloperatorsswitchMap.js:65:54)
    at SwitchMapSubscriber._next (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternaloperatorsswitchMap.js:55:14)
    at (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalSubscriber.js:66:18)
    at SwitchMapSubscriber.notifyNext (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternaloperatorsswitchMap.js:86:26)
    at InnerSubscriber._next (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalInnerSubscriber.js:28:21)
    at (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalSubscriber.js:66:18)
    at D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalutilsubscribeTo.js:17:28
    at Object.subscribeToResult (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalutilsubscribeToResult.js:10:45)
    at SwitchMapSubscriber._innerSub (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternaloperatorsswitchMap.js:65:54)
    at SwitchMapSubscriber._next (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternaloperatorsswitchMap.js:55:14)
    at (D:[email protected]ularclinode_modulesrxjsinternalSubscriber.js:66:18)
    npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
    npm ERR! errno 1
    npm ERR! [email protected] start: `ng serve`
    npm ERR! Exit status 1
    npm ERR!
    npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] start script.
    npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

  6. Hi, i cant install the theme, can you helpe me explaning me how to do it, because the documentation is not as well as i think to install the code. it’s difucult

  7. Hi
    the best way is, if you need to modify something, open with editor type visual Studio or other type, do a build and the file you find on dist folder you can add on server
    npm run build,

    Sunday i add all step on documentation!!

  8. you dont need install nothing this is Angular version how is writen on documentation you need only build the prod with npm build and deploy on server

  9. Hi, I would like to switch to list layout, however it is unclear how to do it. I have installed the flex-layout and the angular cdk libraries and tried added fxLayout statements in multiple places but no luck. Can you explain exactly how to do it, thanks

  10. Hi
    good idea if i find time i add in two three day.
    now i try to explain, i think you need to remove all class col-md-6 col-lg-3 on the single-item because this is from bootstrap, i think it s enought
    I hope this help you

  11. all is clear on the documentation, but i try to rewrite for you. use some code editor example visual studio code or Atom or web storm, add project, install library with npm i, after this if you want run on local you need just to use npm start, but if you want to create a dist run this command on terminal : ng build—prod or npm run build—prod, Take the file inside dist/{name_folder}, and add on server Regards

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