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  1. pre sale question
    Widget: Filter products by brand

    when filter, this list also subcategories of product that contain products for this brand?

  2. Hi,
    The brand assign to products and not related to categories or subcategories.
    When you filter using brand, it show all products that assign filtered brand.
    Best Regards

  3. is a good idea include this option, cause if there is subcategories that contain products of this brand, also mus be apper i think! if you add this featured to your plugin please tell me to buy it.

  4. Do you mean this?
    We have brand A with subcategories B1, B2, B3 and assign A to a product.
    You say when we search A brand, show also all products that assign to B1, B2, B3 ?
    If not, Please more explain about your request with an example.
    Best Regards

  5. is a little dificult to exaplain. i am going to detail as better possible.
    I have this categories:



    –very nice

    and brands for example


    i have products assoscied directly to “shoes”, an another porducts associated to “nice” subcategorie.

    I have configured to display subcategories and productos togheder in categories pages in woocommerce.

    When i am in the shoes category page… i am viewing the subcategories ( nice, very nice…) and the shoes products associateds. So i have mixed products and subcategories in this archive page

    OK in this page i apply a filter to display only a products of certain brands. After apply filter, there are only showing products and not subcategories that include products of this brands filtered.


  6. Pre-sale questions:


    1. Is this plugin able to generate a page with all brands logos on a 3-4 columns format (like this: http://www.madisonperfumery.com/manufacturer)?

    2. The individual brand page is similar to a category page? I mean, is it possible to add some description with media attached that would display before the list products?

    3. Does it work with woo 4.0.1? Is there any way to test this, before buying, since in the plugin description the compatibility is up to 3.6?


  7. Hi

    1) we don’t have this layouts , but i will add to do list work 😉

    2)yes , The individual brand page is similar to a category page , also you can add text in description in any brand

    3)yes , this plugin work with last version WC and Wp

    Please let me know if you have any question

    Best Regards

  8. Hey, is it possible to add sub brands with this plugin then add have a sidebar widget similar to categories, that only shows child categories of the current brand?

  9. Hi,

    You can make subcategory easily.
    But you can’t show them. We are working on this on our next update ASAP.

    Best Regards

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