Locurro – Plugin de prix local pour WooCommerce

Locurro – Plugin de prix local pour WooCommerce

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Locurro affiche des informations supplémentaires sur les prix dans la devise locale des visiteurs.

Caractéristiques principales

  • Facile à installer (configuration zéro).
  • Détecte automatiquement la devise en fonction de l'emplacement des visiteurs.
  • Prend en charge les backends de plusieurs devises:
    • Yahoo finance
    • Google Finance
    • WebserviceX
    • Plus à venir bientôt…
  • Utilisation du backend de la devise intelligente – en cas d'échec, utilise ensuite.
  • Facile à étendre et à personnaliser.
  • Mécanisme de mise en cache intelligent pour des performances exceptionnelles.

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20 thoughts on “Locurro – Plugin de prix local pour WooCommerce”

  1. No sales yet 🙁
    As your first plugin I like the idea (im not using woocommerce but it can be handy if i do).
    Good Luck!

  2. Hi, Can you display the converted price in brackets with a currency code such as ($99.99 NZD)? Is it easy to change the position the converted price shows up if needed for my theme? Thank you!

  3. Hi! current now I am not using woocommerce. I am using Price table Can I use it for Price Table? And What will be the default currency ? Can we make any currency as default ?

  4. maher37_DISABLED

    Hi, this looks like it would be perfect for my website! I basically just want this plugin to display the original prices on all of my product pages in a specific ISO currency in parenthesis after the original price. How would I go about setting this up (using the Open Exchange Rates provider)?

  5. Hi maher37, thanks for purchasing the plugin! In order to achieve this you will need to tweak the plugin. I can provide a patch for you.

  6. I’m going to buy this plugin but would like first to try it or at least to see how it works on another website. Can you give me a demo version access for a few hours?

  7. Thank you! For some countries, I can see only the converted amount, but not the currency. Does your plugin work for variable products or only for simple one?

  8. Hi frankturley, thanks for purchasing! I am not sure I understand you correctly. What is the behavior you get, and what would you like it to be after ISO currency codes patch?

  9. It was mentioned in one of the previous comments (if I understood properly). I like to have, for example, [20 USD] instead of [$20]. Is it possible?

  10. I understand now frankturley, it is possible, but it is out of the scope of this plugin. This plugin just converts to local currency and uses usual wocomerce price formatting.

    You can customize currency symbol using woocommerce_currency_symbol filter. Here is an example https://docs.woothemes.com/document/change-a-currency-symbol/.

    This requires some coding skills, in your case I guess you just need to return currency. Here is what woocomerce does https://docs.woothemes.com/wc-apidocs/source-function-get_woocommerce_currency_symbol.html#314-455 as you can see for USD, it returns $ sign, you will return USD.

  11. oh, great. I can handle it.

    By the way, does the plugin only work on single product pages?
    I also have some product links added to pages by woocommerce shortcodes; woocommerce adds the prices, but seemingly, there’s no conversion.

  12. In case it would be helpful to someone else, I added the following code to functions.php to use currency sign for our default currency (Euro) and codes for every other currency:

    add_filter(‘woocommerce_currency_symbol’, ‘change_existing_currency_symbol’, 10, 2);

    function change_existing_currency_symbol( $currency_symbol, $currency ) {
    if ($currency==’EUR’) {
    $currency_symbol = ‘€’;
    else {
    $currency_symbol = $currency . ‘ ‘;
    return $currency_symbol;

    I wish I could move the currency code to the right side of the amount, while the Euro sign is kept at the left side, but I couldn’t find a way.

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