Journaux des e-mails sortants

Journaux des e-mails sortants

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Les journaux d'e-mails sortants sont une extension Magento qui vous permet d'enregistrer tous les e-mails envoyés via Magento.


– Installation et configuration faciles
– Enregistre tous les e-mails sortants envoyés par Magento
– Modifier et renvoyer un seul e-mail
– E-mail de renvoi en masse
– Transfert automatique des e-mails vers plusieurs adresses e-mail

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7 thoughts on “Journaux des e-mails sortants”

  1. Hi Magedev,

    Can you tell me the which functionalities covered in this plugin?

    All the emails like orders, invoice, shipment, creditmemo, customer account creation, forgot password email, newsletter subscription email, and any other custom emails which will sent from magento website.

    and also this plugin can tell the email status like it is delivered or not?
    If not delivered then what was the reason for this.

    Can you provide me the answers for above queries ASAP.


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