Importateur OpenCart Ebay

Importateur OpenCart Ebay

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NewDev Ebay Importer est une extension Opencart 2.0.x et 1.5.x pour booster votre boutique avec des produits d'Ebay. Vous pouvez importer la structure de dossiers souhaitée, ainsi qu'un nombre illimité de produits dans le magazine Opencart, apporter les modifications nécessaires et la fusionner dans votre magasin.


  • Importez des catégories ou des données de n'importe quelle boutique Ebay, affinées avec des mots-clés et des filtres;
  • Les données sont stockées dans un module séparé et après affinement, peuvent être fusionnées dans votre magasin par défaut;
  • Les images sont téléchargées sur votre serveur ou utilisées avec leur URL Ebay ;
  • Aucune limite de données importées;
  • Vous pouvez conserver la mise en forme d'origine de la description Ebay ou simplement du texte brut;
  • SEO des catégories et des produits ;


Copiez la structure du fichier dans votre dossier Opencart et activez le module NewDev Ebay Importer depuis Extensions – Modules.
Si nécessaire, activez les autorisations de Système – Utilisateurs – Groupes d'utilisateurs.

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Connexion : démo
Mot de passe : demo1234

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20 thoughts on “Importateur OpenCart Ebay”

  1. Have Just One Small Question…. Not Mentioned In Description…

    Is This Extension Able To Import All eBay Item From Any Particular Store. Like I Have One Store With 20000+ Products, Is It Possible To Import From Only This One…. ?

  2. This is quite an ambitious task.
    You can start with the categories 1 by 1. For example the first one from the Ebay category list is
    You have to add about 12000 products.
    Then the next category and so on.
    Please have in mind when you merge the products to your store (this is after the import, read in the documentation), that all the images from the Ebay will be stored in you web site. In order not to do this you can go and uncheck “Save a local image copy?” in general settings.

  3. Hi Please tell me that this module will work with OC ;atest version and also tell me that will customer/visitor be able to checkout on the opencart store?

  4. Hello, sorry for the late reply. Yes, the plugin is available for OC 2 – please check in the description for the supported versions. I do not have plugin importer for amazon for now but I plan setting up.

  5. Hello, as discussed in the email, for now the plugin is not supporting import of custom Ebay store categories.

  6. Hi,
    1) 2 months back I made query if your plugin importing custom ebay store categories? Is it now?
    2) where would all the images store on my site? is it in a single folder or different individual folder for each listing?

  7. 1. For now this is not supported.
    2. You have 2 options. The default is to store on your server at image/data/ndebay . The other option is to use Ebay URLs , but this is only supported for 1.5.x OC.

  8. Hi!
    I just bought the extension and install it to my new OC(Version

    However, nothing happen when I try to Import from Ebay.
    I click “Categories Management” -> enter the url -> click “get from ebay”

    Could you help?

  9. If the author doesn’t fix this, you can use a work around for now which can help somewhat. You can enter ebay keywords if some of your listings have a common prefix or share some text. Under ebay filter name field enter Seller and filter value field enter your seller name. This will grab everything in your store that matches what you input in the ebay keyword field.

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