20 thoughts on “Formulaire d'inscription/d'inscription avancé”

  1. You need to change language for module. If you need help you can create support ticket at support.leopediastore.com our team will help you out.

  2. Hey there, Pre-sale Questions:

    1) This is a standalone form/site where I can add a hyperlink on my main site and this would pop up right?
    2) I’m looking for a compressive form with Client Login where each Client can have their own Login ID and Password.
    3) And they can submit an order but for right now, I don’t need the Pricing at Checkout, we would just contact them after they submit to discuss the pricing.

    Let me know. Thanks.

  3. Hi

    Can the newly added field data be imported into checkout page while check out?

    Does it work with another one page checkout modduel? Or can you recommend the one page module which is compatible with yours?

    Look forward to your reply! Thanks.

  4. I waited but no one answered me, so I decided to buy the module.

    I just install the module but it seems that is not working because the item is not in the Module.
    Maybe is because I do not have the vqmod on my OpenCart. I tried many times to install it but does not work.

    So… can you send me the module that works without the vqmod? (as you did zodiax)

    **your suport area is not working

  5. I have. It looks like the code is for 1.5x. It says it supports 2.0.x, but it clearly has outdated references. Is there a 2.0.x available or do I need a refund?

  6. Thanks. The documentation is really poor though. You really need to put some work into this, and not just dump a product to a customer and expect them to figure it out.

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