Entreprise Jaune – Thème Construction

Entreprise Jaune – Thème Construction

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Entreprise Jaune - Thème Construction - 1

Entreprise Jaune - Thème Construction - 2

Entreprise Jaune - Thème Construction - 3

Entreprise Jaune - Thème Construction - 4

Entreprise Jaune - Thème Construction - 5

Construction et affaires Thème WordPress de construction convivial, constamment mis à jour et en croissance. Construit avec WPTF, le framework le plus puissant et le plus avancé pour développer des sites Web modernes en WordPress, HTML et JQuery. Profitez de la puissance de personnalisation extrême et d'un très grand nombre de composants, de fonctionnalités et d'options modernes. Vous pouvez l'utiliser pour toutes les entreprises comme les entreprises , la construction , les jaunes , les industriels , les transports , la logistique , les fullpage , les agences .


== V1.4.7 ==Correction d'un bug de sécurité.== V1.4.6 ==WordPress V5.X et Gutenberg entièrement compatibles.PHP 7.2+ entièrement compatible.== V 1.0 à 1.4.5 ==Diverses mises à jour du framework du thème principal.== V 1.0 ==Profitez du thème.

Les images et vidéos du site de démonstration ne sont pas incluses.

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20 thoughts on “Entreprise Jaune – Thème Construction”

  1. Yes, there is the dedicated button, click the top right GEAR icon of the section, then on top click the icon with the 2 white/black squares, then paste it from the Add new section bar on bottom of Edit Page

  2. calvin_dicosta

    Not being able to add blog page. Clicking on News Page, I only see a blank page with “News” on title.

  3. Hello,

    When adding a slider the alt text for the images is slide

    This is really bad for SEO.

    Can you please repair this? So the alt text for the images is the alt text I set when uploading the images directly to the wordpress media library?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi, if you want to use the ALT do this:

    1. Use the component SLIDER

    2. Insert into it the the component IMAGE or IMAGE BOX and set the ALT from the settings of the component for each one.

    Thank you!

  5. This should be done automatically, i should not be adding every time I upload an image an alt and after that, every time i use a image in a image box or in a component.

    Especially if I use the same image more than once.

  6. Hi, the PHP version of your hosting is too old, try to set a newest PHP version on your hosting.The minimum PHP version is 5.6, the max is 6.9. Thank you

  7. Hi, yes you can change the yellow everywhere with another color from the theme options panel 😉 Thank you!

  8. Hi again,

    We are now really trying the re-design our pages using the page builder and are running into layouting issues.

    Here’s a screen print of the situation


    Number 1 (from the screen print): The images (in a advanced image box) do not size to the “original size” that I told them to be, the theme seems to be resizing them to “fill the box” they get.

    My first question: How do I make the images resize to their original size?

    Number 2( from the screen print): These images are in a advanced image box and have been configured to “col center”. This command seems not to have been picked up.

    My second question: How do I center the image in the advanced image box?

    Thank you,

  9. 1) You’re using PNG Transparent logos, not images, in this case try to add the class “png-over” to the component, otherwise you need to use custom CSS or only the IMAGE component with below some text.

    2) Col center can be used only with the columns, not with the components. To center is set the class “Text center” to the container of the image.

  10. You need to customize these files:

    1. ADMIN – wp-contentpluginshybrid-composeradmincomponentscontainers.php
    2. FRONT – wp-contentpluginshybrid-composercomponentscontainers.php

    I can add more tabs as a customization for 35USD.
    Thank you!

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