WooCommerce PD Measurement

WooCommerce PD Measurement

Are you an Optometrist? Or do you sell glasses products in a WooCommerce store? Or a developer creating a WooCommerce shopping site to sell glasses? If so, then this plugin is the tool you've been looking for!
PD Measurement The "Woocommerce Plugin" allows your customers to add their PD measurement to their orders when purchasing eyewear products.
On the product page, it requires customers to enter their pd measurement before adding to cart, in case they don't have it, they can click a link to measure it, then the plugin asks them to position themselves in the video with a credit card held up to the chin so that
(allows the complement to obtain a reference point to determine the measurements of the optometrist).
Therefore, the optometrist and the glasses seller could verify the buyer's PD measurements of any order before shipment.

Live preview: Click here.

For any questions / customization, email us at: gordoncodes@gmail.com


WooCommerce PD Measurement

WooCommerce PD Measurement

Price: $390

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