20 thoughts on “Connexion par numéro de mobile Extension Magento 2”

  1. I am first buyer ,but it is not working. I have question that how to use chinese sms platform? I check could you only use a simple send.php to send sms,but now most sms platform need sign at head.how to change?

  2. I believe if you need a free support from us for this extension, I would request you to contact me directly at tss_developer13 (Skype) with your issue.

  3. We are just providing the magento extension. We are not providing any SMS service. You have to purchase it by some SMS provider and set that API details in extension setting in Admin.

  4. I would like to purchase this extension. I just want to know that, Can I integrate my Logonutility SMS gateway with this module? Please let me know.

  5. Hi Support team,

    We have purchase this extension and install it but we are facing an issue.


    We have purchase and installed this “Mobile Number Login Magento 2 Extension” extension for mobile signup. We are using Magento 2.2.2 for implementing this extension.

    After installation it is affecting the core functionalities of paypal on shopping cart page. Can you please look into this and suggest us.

    Based on our finding’s it is due to the below customer model which conflict the core functionality :

    File path: /app/code/Themecafe/CustomerRegister/etc/di.xml

    Access key is : d8c2a758-aedd-4196-be6a-2ad609b179c7

  6. We are also facing an issue that user got auto logout when he update his own profile information after login. Once user login and update profile information then it save and redirect on dashboard page. Once we click on any other link then it auto logout.

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