Bouton de partage WordPress Plugin

Bouton de partage WordPress Plugin

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Vous aider à ajouter le bouton de partage Twitter, Facebook et Google Plus à votre publication/page WordPress.

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  • Vous pouvez l'appliquer globalement dans le paramètre ou ajouter chaque bouton de partage dans l'éditeur WordPress intégré de tiny-mce.
  • Partage Facebook avec prise en charge des images, il récupérera automatiquement votre image vedette (remarque: besoin d'un identifiant d'application Facebook).
  • Texte du bouton facultatif, icône, arrière-plan, couleur, position, mise en page contextuelle, etc.
  • Rétine prête.
  • Transition CSS3.
  • Prend en charge les gestes tactiles, fonctionne également bien sur les petits appareils comme l'iPhone.
  • Compatible avec le dernier jQuery et le dernier WordPress.
  • Mettez les js et css en file d'attente uniquement lorsque cela est nécessaire. Gardez la taille de la page WordPress plus petite.
  • La FAQ et le code source sont inclus dans le package. Mise à jour gratuite à l'avenir.

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20 thoughts on “Bouton de partage WordPress Plugin”

  1. this would be a great plugin if would be possible to customize it and add some others social buttons (linkedin / tumblr / …) or functions (like print ou email).

    Do you know if you are going to add this kind of improvement ?


  2. Hi, you can add it via shortcode in the built-in tiny-mce editor. Please see the documentation for more information.

  3. Hello!

    Thanks for a nice work!

    I got a problem/conflict with the theme I use. The theme uses “Page Transitions”, so when I enter a page from another link in the site, your script won’t load. (It loads just after I refresh the page).

    I think I could “bake” your code into their ajax.min.js so it can load together. But I’m not really sure what part of your code should go where. =)

    Is it by any chance possible to get help with that?

    Demo site is located at:


  4. Hi,

    great looking plugin!

    A pre-sale question:

    1. Can it be positioned in the general page layout not just related to the post?

    As for example, absolute positioned on the left/right side of the screen, on the top or on the bottom of the page?


  5. I’m assuming this doesn’t work in IE8 because the github version doesn’t. Have you tried to get it to work in IE8 or is it not possible?

  6. Could you please teach me how to customize Share Button’s position? I saw that @idesignstudio has already asked the same question, but no detailed response was provided. Can you please show me (and the rest of us) how to do this? And in very simple English for those who aren’t super code savvy yet? 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Hi, you can customize it via CSS in the share.js, we use the minified file here share.min.js here, which means you have to minify it after changing.

  8. Beautiful-looking plugin, but why all the inline CSS? This is generally seen as bad coding practise now, so is it possible to offload everything into a CSS file, so that it can be tweaked from there?

    Many thanks

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