27 Best Wordpress Photography Plugins for Film makers

27 Best WordPress Photography Plugins for Film makers, videographers and photographers

These best wordpress photography plugins will enable you to improve your site’s functionality and increase your revenue. If you’re a photographer, the best wordpress photography plugins for you would be those that can enable you to take better photos and sell more of them.

1 . Gallery2

I am a photographer and I use a lot of wordpress plugins for my site. I’ve been using Gallery2 for a while now, but it has been discontinued, which is a real shame. Up until now, it was the best plugin out there. There are so many new plugins out there that have sprung up to try to replace Gallery2, but none of them can really compare to it.

The reason Gallery2 was so good is because it allowed me to have my own gallery with an unlimited amount of photos. The other thing that was great about this plugin is that I could modify how the photos were sorted and displayed and still keep all the metadata (focal length, shutter speed, etc). They also had a great API for integrating with other plugins.

As I said, all the new replacements for Gallery2 are not as good. Why? Because they don’t support ALBUM COLLAGES!!! This is really important to me because it shows all of my best work in one place that you don’t have to click on every single photo to see. And all that metadata that I mentioned previously? Gone! All gone! They also can only show a maximum number of shots. Which is lame because sometimes I shoot things where there are hundreds of photos and I want them all looking beautiful on my site, which these new galleries cannot do!!!

The alternative would be if someone wrote their own gallery plugin or improved an existing one so that it could do the things I’m looking for. Does anyone know of a plugin like this?

I don’t think there is such wordpress photography plugins currently but you should make one yourself if you have skills. It doesn’t take too much time and effort to add such features to existing gallery2 or another alternative. Here’s how: make galleries where each photo can be clicked on to enlarge it, allow for unlimited number of photos per album, display metadata with every photo in its own meta box displaying the most important information plus little more so that users have all info they need without ever leaving page they are on especially when using mobile devices. If you consider all future enhancements would also ask developers to consider ability to click anywhere on photo to enlarge it, on desktop this would open lightbox/zoom feature. It

is important to keep the maximum width of the gallery as small as possible so that users can focus on main photo and then click on thumbnails for enlarging.

2 . WP Smugmug

WP Smugmug is a plugin I use myself, and it’s definitely one of the best out there right now if you want true integration between your site and Smugmug. The reason this plugin is so good is because it allows you to manage all of your media in WordPress, including photos and videos (unlike some plugins where you cannot). It also supports albums across multiple categories and allows for infinite scrolling. What makes this plugin even better than Gallery2, though, is that everything has integrated into WordPress – you don’t need to go into another site to manage your photos or videos.

I agree that WP Smugmug is great plugin for integrating with smugmug but also quite heavy and bloated. So if you want something light I would recommend earlier mentioned Photo Droplet instead.

3 . Photo Droplet

PhotoDroplet is a simple, yet powerful WordPress gallery plugin that lets you upload images directly from WordPress Admin panel, no matter where the original file resides (in WP Media Library, external web server, Amazon S3, etc.). Photos are processed on-the-fly by our custom developed image processor based on ImageMagick toolkit which creates thumbnails of all uploaded files and displays them in beautiful responsive grid layout using Bootstrap 3 framework.

PhotoDroplet is great for pro photographers because it allows you to upload your images directly into WordPress through the media library. You can also create albums in WP Media Library, which automatically creates gallery posts in PhotoDroplet’s format. The plugin is very lightweight and highly customizable. It uses Bootstrap 3 grid system to display thumbnails of every image in galleries, so you do not have to worry about coding or designing any layouts for your website.

4 . Soliloquy

Soliloquy is a plugin similar to PhotoDroplet, in that it allows you to upload images directly from WordPress Admin panel. The difference is that Soliloquy also supports the ability to crop photos before uploading them into your media library. Soliloquy’s default number of columns for grid layout is 6, but it can be adjusted between 1 and 12 depending on how you want your galleries formatted. Soliloquy was created by WebDevStudios, which has created some other impressive plugins like Monarch social sharing plugin .

5 . NextGEN Pro / NextGEN Plus

NextGEN Pro or NextGEN Plus are both good choices if you are looking for something highly customizable with lots of great features. Both plugins offer image zooming, various layout options, and a slider effect. NextGEN Pro is great for creating photo albums that can be displayed in galleries or as a slideshow. The Free version of the plugin offers limited features but it’s still pretty useful. For advanced pro photographers I would recommend to go with paid versions which offer

6 . Galleria

Galleria is another good choice for pro photographers who want to display images in many different ways but don’t need too much functionality from their galleries. With Galleria you can create a lightbox gallery where clicking on an image will enlarge it and allow you to see more details about it without going back to your site – this is great if you have only one product displayed at a time users won’t feel overwhelmed by your images.

7 . Social Gallery

Social Gallery is a free plugin that allows you to create a widgetized gallery where your users can share images across various social media platforms, including Pinterest and Tumblr. You can also link directly to each image so people don’t have to leave your page to go view more of them if they want. This plugin also has an option for adding Facebook comments, which might come in handy if you want feedback from visitors on your photos or products without having to turn on third party commenting plugins like Disqus.

8 . NextGEN Legacy

The last photo gallery I’m going to talk about is another plugin developed by WebDevStudios: NextGEN Legacy (formerly known as the WordPress Slideshow Gallery). Like its name implies, this plugin will give your site a nice gallery effect with the same features as NextGEN Pro, but for free. The plugin has been downloaded on WordPress.org more than 700 000 times so you know it’s good and it gets regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress releases.


Another great plugin that can help improve your site’s visuals is WP QUADS PRO. With this plugin you can add modules anywhere in your page using shortcodes or widgets which displays HTML5 videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive (Docs). You can also add buttons to make these videos easily shareable with friends and followers across social media channels like Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook. This plugin is compatible with pretty much any theme out there so it’s very versatile.

10 . Photo Show

Photo Show is an interesting plugin that allows you to create photo collages with custom layouts, effects and transitions. You can manually place photos inside frames by uploading them to your media library or you can use the built-in WordPress galleries. With just a few clicks you can let your visitors view photos as a slideshow or in grid layout, then share these images across social media platforms. I’ve seen many photographers using this plugin on their sites because it has great results without too much effort invested into its creation (I guess WebDevStudios know what they are doing!). There are premium versions of this plugin which offer more advanced features like Google Maps integration and multiple slideshows on different pages so you can check those out if you need more functionality.


WP Collage is another image gallery plugin that allows your visitors to view images in a variety of layouts like plain photos, collages and mosaics. These layouts are fully customizable and instead of having to work with HTML code (that’s for pro photographers anyway!) you can do all this using simple point-and-click options provided by the plugin interface. One cool feature is the option to display watermarks on each photo: perfect if you want protect your content without actually changing their appearance (because, let’s face it – watermarks look bad). There’s also an option to add Google Maps in posts or galleries, which might come in handy for displaying locations where you took certain photos. There are also premium versions of this plugin available with more features that might be worth upgrading to if you plan on using WP Collage as your main photo gallery plugin.

12 . Flickr WordPress Gallery

This is another great free plugin developed by WebDevStudios which allows you to show off your Flickr photos in a beautiful portfolio layout with custom color schemes, various effects and transitions. You can insert this gallery anywhere within your posts or pages using shortcodes or widgets and display images from public sets only (which means people don’t have to be logged in to view them). The plugin comes with built-in theme integration so it looks great no matter what site design you’re currently running.

13 . Slides and Captions Image Slider

This is a great plugin for those of you who want to create an image slideshow on their site with animated captions that fly into view when the visitor hovers his or her mouse pointer over each frame. You can insert this slideshow anywhere within your WordPress content and it works nicely as a nice visual element on homepages, photo galleries and portfolio sites. The plugin is also responsive which means it will look good whether your visitors access your site from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

14 . WP Ultimate Post Grid

If you use posts instead of pages in WordPress then give this plugin a try – it creates beautiful grids with post thumbnails from any category you specify. That way you can have multiple grids on one page and you can also include other elements like text, links and custom content blocks. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version if you want the option of using different grids for different posts (you can’t do that with free plugin).

15 . NextGEN Pro

Another great photo gallery plugin (built by the team at Photocrati) which allows photographers to display large images on their site with lots of customization options – including built-in SEO features so your photos can rank higher in Google image search results. This is a plugin aimed at serious photographers who know a bit about website coding and don’t mind a little tinkering around with code. But it’s definitely worth checking out if you use NextGEN Gallery as your main photography portfolio because it comes with a variety of great features that can’t be found in standard NextGEN plugin.

16 . Nivo Slider

This is another image slider that comes as a free version and a premium one so you decide if it’s worth upgrading to the more advanced tool with extra features after testing it out for a while. The classic Nivo slider lets you create beautiful sliders with custom transitions, captions and other special formatting options. You can even use HTML codes with this plugin which makes it possible to add almost any kind of content within your images – from videos to slideshows with play/pause buttons and custom links.

17 . Smart Responsive Lightbox Gallery

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to prettyPhoto then give this lightbox plugin a try. It’s one of the more popular lightbox tools out there which makes it easier to use than most others, even for beginners who don’t have much experience with WordPress plugins or coding in general.

18 . WP Instagram Feed

One of our favorite free photography plugins is this simple tool that displays your latest photos on Instagram in any widget you embed on site (you can put it in sidebars, homepages or other widget areas)

19 . Single Image Zoom

Have you ever wanted to display large images on your homepage without affecting page load speed? While some photographers prefer to use small thumbnails and make visitors click through to fullsize high-resolution images, this is another option worth considering (especially if you often share product photos where it’s essential to make sure visitors can see all the details on first image without clicking through). After installing this plugin you’ll be able to display large images within post content which will automatically resize depending on post length.

20 . All-in-One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Every site owner who cares about SEO should know about schema markup – it’s sort of like open graph tags for web but with built-in search engine optimization benefits that help your photos rank higher in Google image search results. While adding schema markup manually is always an option, if you don’t have much coding experience or simply don’t have time to do everything yourself then consider using one of these plugins instead (the free version will do just fine unless you plan to use it for a portfolio site where you’ll need more advanced features).

21 . WP Rocket

This is one of the most popular image optimization tools that allows photographers to deliver faster loading time without sacrificing visual quality. Instead of manually compressing each photo before adding it to WordPress you can use this plugin to compress all images automatically and speed up your website. It’s not free but it’s worth checking out especially if you want to improve page load times and increase revenue from people who click through your photos in Google image search results.

22 . Contact Form 7

Even photography sites need contact forms – whether you’re looking for feedback, comments or opportunities to collaborate with other photographers then consider using this widely compatible plugin as an alternative or additional option (since many photographers prefer to use contact form within their WordPress sites).

23 . WP ImgRoll

Another image compression tool that lets you reduce the file size of your images and thus improve page load times. It’s a free plugin (so it’s no surprise that there’s no option for manual compression) but if this is what you need then we recommend giving it a try before upgrading to premium version.

24 . WooCommerce

As we mentioned earlier, many photographers choose to combine photography with ecommerce and sell physical prints and other photos-related products online. This is why we recommend using WooCommerce as an alternative or additional option to other plugins that you might be using for selling photos on site (such as Paypal or Square Market which are both good options – just that WooCommerce is a better all-in-one solution).

25 . Photo Gallery

Responsive WordPress Plugin This plugin automatically creates a responsive gallery of your latest photos which you can easily embed on any page of your site. Since it’s free and incredibly easy to use, we recommend giving it a try if you don’t have time to build custom galleries from scratch or simply want something out-of-the-box without having to mess with code yourself.

26 . LayerSlider

Last but not least, consider using this slider plugin as an additional option for displaying images on the homepage (or pages where you want to attract more visitors). While some photographers prefer using sliders for portfolios, others think they’re too distracting and opt for other solutions on their site. Either way, this is an easy-to-use plugin that lets you create custom sliders without having to code anything from scratch which is why we recommend trying it out regardless of whether you’re a photographer or just a regular WordPress user.

27 . UserPro

If you plan to build a photography community then consider using this plugin which allows users register and interact with each other by leaving comments and connecting to social networks. Since it’s designed for regular people rather than photographers specifically, the free version will do just fine if all you need is basic registration form for visitors who don’t want to buy anything but still want to interact with your photos.

To sum up, we recommend getting the WP Rocket plugin and WooCommerce to start. Both of these plugins will help you improve page load times and increase revenue from people who click through your photos in Google image search results. Who knows? Maybe this article has convinced you to combine photography with ecommerce too! If so, UserPro might be a good next step for building a community around your work as well as selling prints online. In any case, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help or have questions about how best to leverage the power of neuroscience sales tips for photographers just like yourself! By drawing on behavioral cognitive principles that drive customer behavior at different stages in their buying process (or lead funnel), marketers can greatly increase conversion rates without adding any additional costs or time requirements.

To your success business !  Best Regards !

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