21 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Website

21 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Website

The following are the top WordPress security plugins that you should use to protect your site:

1. WordFence Security – Firewall

Is a great plugin that blocks malicious users from hacking your site and has a firewall feature which you can enable to block bad requests, disable directory listing, disable file editing etc. This is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins online with over 1 million active installs since it’s release in 2012.

2. iThemes Security

Formerly Better WP Security: Another very popular WordPress security plugin which uses brute force login protection and ban hackers using a .htaccess file among other things. This plugin also allows you to generate new random passwords for your users and view all blocked visitors as well as delete those that may have been wrongly banned before they try logging into the admin section again (Great for bouncing back your site after a hack). iThemes also offers various premium extensions which you can purchase to make the plugin do more like blocking IPs, restricting admin access via IP etc.

3. WP Defender

This is another free WordPress security plugin that works great to clean up hacked files and block malicious requests by denying them before they even reach your site. It uses .htaccess file protection as well as real time malware analysis of website files (guided scan) among other things to protect against hacks. The pro version makes the plugin run faster by reducing unnecessary disk writes so consider upgrading to it if you are using the free version or have gone past 15000 blocked requests per month.

4. BulletProof Security

Is also a great plugin that has many paid extension modules to increase security on your site by blocking spam, pingbacks/trackbacks, contact form submission etc. BulletProof also uses brute force login protection but is not as popular as WordFence and iThemes Security.

5. Sucuri Security (Formerly known as WordPress Antivirus)

Is another great website security plugin which enables email notifications when files are blocked remotely either for malware or other reasons in addition to file clean up/backup restoration options. The pro version offers real time file change monitoring among other things you can subscribe to. It also offers the ability to do things like disabling theme and plugin editors directly in the wp-admin without having to access your FTP.

6. SiteGuard WP Plugin

This is another great plugin with brute force login protection, ability to prevent theme and plugin editors from being accessed and the ability to monitor logins and block suspicious users (admin and non-admin users can be blocked). You can also use this plugin to lock down areas of your site like the admin section for extra security.

7. WP Security Scan

This WordPress security plugin doesn’t do as much as the others but it does offer several ways to harden your site such as disabling file editing or FTP directly within wp-admin, support for 2 factor authentication among other things you’ll find in many other premium security plugins. It also has a built in firewall which supports advanced options such as connection throttling, preventing file execution from untrusted sources etc.

8. WP Login Pro

This plugin allows you to completely block wp-login.php, lock it behind a captcha and/or send login attempts to a 3rd party service such as Google reCAPTCHA which makes brute force attacks on your site much harder by slowing down the bots that constantly try logging in with random usernames and passwords looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. It also has support for using other external security plugins like WordFence or Sucuri Security which can then be configured to delete suspicious users after too many incorrect password attempts so the hacker gets locked out of your account instead of gaining access if they guess wrong often enough!

9. Loginizer

This plugin is relatively new but works great. It requires paid plans to unlock advanced features so keep that in mind. However, the free version offers some nice features such as ability to reboot/lock user accounts after repeated failed login attempts, limit allowed login attempts per IP address, block spam registrations and more.

10. Secure Login

This security plugin does not have many bells or whistles yet but it’s very lightweight and does its job of protecting wp-admin pretty well out of the box! There are no options except for enabling WP memory protection which you should definitely do if your site uses MySQL on an older shared hosting account with little to no resource limits assigned. With the free version you can also protect login forms on other pages but secure login hasn’t been updated since 2012 so the developer may not be working on it anymore.

11. Login LockDown

This plugin locks down your wp-login page with a captcha and limits the number of attempts after which you can set it to delete user accounts so brute force attacks are no longer possible without virtual super user powers! It also has support for external API’s like Sucuri Security API or WordFence API which means you don’t need to install both plugins if you want this feature as they all work well together!

12. WP Content Filter

This is another lightweight security plugin that comes with 3 predefined filtering levels. You can define custom filtering rules based on words/files/strings to blacklist or whitelist. It also integrates with external security plugins like WordFence or Sucuri Security to automatically block compromised user accounts after too many failed login attempts.

13. WP Secure WordPress

This plugin is quite comprehensive and offers not only brute force protection, but also ability to monitor incoming links, monitor site traffic for suspicious keywords/users, backups at set intervals which you can download locally as well etc. You can even protect your wp-login page with a captcha if you want extra security! It’s definitely worth checking out!

14. Loginizer Pro

This plugin has an option to block users based on their number of failed logins similar to most other login limiters but they offer the choice between deleting & suspending users too! It also has support for external security plugins like WordFence which automatically locks out suspicious users after too many failed login attempts and can even delete them.

15. Bee Secure

This plugin is only available as a premium download but it does its job pretty well and offers not only brute force protection but also ability to monitor links, compare links between your site & other sites on the web and provide warnings if they appear to be linking to suspicious or potentially dangerous websites. It works great with Sucuri Security as well!

16. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

This security plugin has been around for a long time and has the most comprehensive set of options available by far. There are so many options that it can get extremely confusing and not everyone will need them all. The good news is that you can always leave certain options disabled and just enable the ones you need and save yourself some memory! There are also tons of other plugins developed by iThemes so be sure to check out their site if this plugin sounds interesting to you.

17. BulletProof Security

This security plugin has lots of nice features like limiting login attempts (similar to Login LockDown), blocking bad requests, monitoring incoming links for suspicious keywords/URL’s, protecting wp-login with Captca after X number of failed login attempts etc. One really neat feature about this plugin is that it lets you password protect non-admin users which lets you keep your visitors safe while letting your Admins login easily. There are also other “bulletproof” security features built in so be sure to check this one out.

18. WP CodeGuard

This plugin is completely free and offers very minimal protection which is still better than having no protection at all. It blocks bots, scrapers, spammers etc by simply obfuscating the code on your site making it impossible to read for these automated tools/bots! The catch however is that you can’t use any of WordPress built-in shortcodes either if you enable this option which isn’t ideal for everyone but at least it’s something worth considering as an extra layer of security! Keep in mind though that this plugin won’t help much if somebody gets access to your database as they can easily read the code from there.

19. WP Security Scan

This plugin offers a wide range of features like blacklist/whitelist IP’s, monitoring links on your website etc similar to other plugins but it also comes with a “password strength” scanner which is useful if you have lots of users on your site and need to change their passwords regularly. There are also a lot more security checks built in this one which is always a plus!

20. Better WP Security

This plugin claims to be the only all-in-one security solution for WordPress but I honestly didn’t notice much difference between this plugin and others so it’s probably not really better than all the rest! It still does come with some good features like ability to blacklist/whitelist IP’s, monitor incoming links etc but it doesn’t offer any brute force protection or captcha.

21. MonsterInsights

This is a premium plugin developed by the team at Yoast which makes sense given their reputation for developing some of the best WordPress plugins available! It works great with WordFence & Sucuri security plugins and offers not only link-monitoring (similar to Better WP Security) but also option to switch off Google Analytics code whenever your site gets hacked (in case you don’t notice the hack). The first time you login after installing this plugin it will automatically import your Google Analytics account which saves you one step if you’re using both plugins together. If that wasn’t enough then they also offer iPhone & iPhone app for free which is awesome if you’re looking to track analytics on the go!


In My Opinion the best WordPress security plugin is the BulletProof Security WordPress Plugin. It has lots of nice features like limiting login attempts, blocking bad requests, monitoring incoming links for suspicious keywords/URLs, and protecting wp-login with Captca after X number of failed login attempts. One really neat feature about this plugin is that it lets you password protect non-admin users which lets you keep your visitors safe while letting your Admins login easily. There are also other “bulletproof” security features built in so be sure to check out this one before settling for any other one.

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